18th Century Corset

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Red & Cream silk brocade 18th century fully boned corset

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This 18th century inspired corset is made of Red and Cream silk brocade¬†fabric, fully boned. It is completely handmade in the US based off of historical drawings with a modern fit. Fits comfortably for size 6 and can be worn as an undergarment or an outer statement piece! Great for a steampunk outfit that’s looking for a more soft and feminine look.

Boxcar Boutique is a custom design shop that mostly builds one piece at a time, but every once in a while creates ready to wear garments for a general size 4-6. BB is owned and operated by designer Monica Hankins in Los Angeles, California. The designer is an avid history lover whose passion is to create realistic historical costumes and wedding gowns for reenactments and conferences or special occasions.


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