Winter 2016

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I made it to the end of 2016 with all my fingers, and after finishing the Edwardian era corset I had to start packing up the shop. My husband and I were moving out and into our own place! We kicked ASS working 5+ jobs between the both of us for months and were finally able to move out of the family’s house and into our own. This, of course, meant we had to say goodbye to the boxcar itself. It was a bittersweet decision, in that we had to give up our hip and grungy workspace but we got to take our three shop kitties home with us! This was the first week of December and it took that entire month for me to get my new workroom somewhat unpacked.

A new year rolled around and in January I was still trying to make sense of my room, we had guests staying for a week or two, and I was still working two jobs. Not a whole lot of time came my way this month so I had to make a decision: time to say goodbye to one of my two jobs. February started out great; I had tickets to the Edwardian Ball for my husband and I and I made him a period appropriate tux jacket and vest. I wore my red and black vampire gown and we both had a blast! (Pardon my just-moved-into house as the background!)


Valentine’s day seemed to be a nice simple day, unbeknownst to us, it was the day we would lose an incredibly close friend much too soon. My husband’s best friend. It was such an unbelievable shock, and the rest of the month was spent in a fog. We paid our respects in early March and continue to honor him and the friendship we had with him. It was a hard month.

The Spring, however, as it usually does in nature, brought opportunities for a new beginning and it was time to work again. Thank you for reading <3


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