Summertime 2016

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy…”   WELL…

Started the Summer of 2016 off with Boxcar’s 1st birthday, as I mentioned in the previous post, and I was also working on multiple dresses until the first week of September. So, let’s say the livin’ was busy!

In the previous post, I noted a wedding dress I was working on for my dear friend Lindsey, which I was able to finish for her in Early June (and three simple flower girl dresses to boot!) but her’s was not the only wedding gown I made that year! I had the amazing opportunity to tap into the realm of fantasy: Lord of the Rings. The Bride, who was having a LOTR themed wedding, asked for a stark white gown and flowing cape fit for an Elven Queen! Not only that, but she had two bridesmaids in need of a similar style. AND, to put the cherry on top, the mother of the Groom commissioned me for her gown as well!


In the midst of Elven gown construction, I was also working on a pre-teen sized “Belle” gown. Five gowns, all to be finished by September, it was madness in the workshop (which was still in a retired shipping container, shared with two other people!) Unfortunately, there was a bit of a misunderstanding with the expectations of the Belle dress and ultimately wasn’t what the client wanted. You live and you learn, though, and I’ve learned to always double-check and make sure I know exactly what my client is looking for. With that said, I do still have the ball gown and it’s currently for sale in the shop.

As for the LOTR gowns, they were finished in time and happily received! I will be writing a post on those gowns specifically as soon as I possibly can (considering I’m currently recapping last years projects, I hope I can get around to it much quicker!!)

That was the Summer 2016, now let’s take a look at Fall 2016… in the next post ;-P

Thanks for reading!


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