Spring 2017

After our first tragedy of the year struck, it was a slow start on work. But March brought a new commission that I’d never really done before: Maternity! A previous co-worker of mine was expecting and had a beautiful gown in mind for one of her photoshoots. Unfortunately, all the photos from that day were lost so I can’t show how stunning she looked 🙁 That was a really fun project though, and it was a great simple start to get the ball rolling.






Once that was finished, I kind of felt like finishing a petticoat that has been waiting to be revisited for at least 10 years (HAAA!) It goes along with the 18th century “Marie Antoinette” costume I started making long, long ago. I finished the cool bits when I moved out to LA for Halloween 2009, wore it again in 2014 in a more modest manner, lol (it was a hit, of course!) and then finally in 2017 finished the final piece that ties the whole look together. Eventually, I’ll have a picture of the whole ensemble… but first, Dry clean!

Worn Halloween 2009…
…And again 2014.

Now no gold pants, long or short, are needed!

That was a quick task, considering the pieces have been cut and ready to go for 10+ years (I’m honestly surprised I hadn’t used it for something else by now!) Now feeling on the right track, I felt like doing something drastic to my own appearance. Relevant? Maybe not, but it helped lift my spirits…







Woohoo, I felt like myself all of a sudden 😀 OK, now to relevant events: My husband got me a new old machine, haha! An in-table semi-professional Brother Zig Zag machine from the late ’50s early 60’s… drool…













I also went to the FIDM Motion Picture Costume exhibit (phenomenal, I never miss it!) It had costumes from so many big movies from the year before: The Huntsman, Batman vs Superman, and my personal favorite Zoolander 2, haha! I fixed up the Ol’ Brother machine and began zipping a bunch of curtains through it, what a great machine. I also punched out a very last minute Renaissance Faire outfit and had a blast of course!


Boy, I actually did a lot last spring, thanks for sticking around to read about it! Onwards, to Summertime 2017.

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