Fall 2016

Fall: September, October, and November.

September, I finished off the Lord of the Rings bridal party. My then boyfriend (now Husband ;D) and I celebrated my new freedom from my sweatshop by taking a trip out to Joshua Tree, specifically Pioneertown. We were secretly planning an elopement-wedding and went out to see how the motel would suit us. The mini vaycay was amazing, and the motel was great, we ultimately found another place that fit us perfectly (more about that at a later date, sorry!)


October, I gave my workspace a much needed deep cleaning (as well as you can clean an old metal box) and found myself with some Halloween projects. Thankfully, they were for my husband and myself, so my time constraint was much more forgiving. We decided last minute, as we usually do, to be Nosferatu and his victim! It was a blast making something for my man, considering I’m much more experienced with the female body.

November, since I so easily bore, I started working on an Edwardian era corset. I initially had the notion of using it as an accurate silhouette to build off of, but I ended up wearing it under my Edwardian inspired wedding dress almost a year later! Corsets are one of my favorite things to make so this project was a fun break for me after the madness of the Spring and Summer!

Now on to Winter and the end of 2016! Thanks for reading 😉

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