Springtime 2016

Hey guys! So last spring was both uneventful and busy at the same time if that’s even possible.

April started off pretty lackluster, just the daily routine: work, the workshop to feed the cats & work/hang out, then back home (we lived 20+ miles away from the workshop. Mid-April, Drew and I got an interesting opportunity to “go to Coachella” with a fashion company and to make a long story short… I can’t do that hahaha! It was quite the adventure so to speak and we learned a lot! At the same time, my business taxes were being carelessly handled and led to a lot of confusion, anger, and clean up. Everything turned out OK and I wasn’t penalized too much, but DAMN, never use a large commercial “accounting firm.”

May came around, as quickly as usual, and it was back to work on my very good friend Lindsey’s wedding dress that was worn for her big day in July of that year.

This was such an amazing project to work on, and the fact that it was my very close friend made it even more of an honor to get this opportunity! You can check out more on the making of this gown in another post.

At the end of May, we went to the Renaissance Faire in Irwindale, CA and had a blast!

It was my first Ren Faire ever, and I’ve got to say it was cooler than I expected! Not to say I didn’t think it was going to be cool, it just exceeded my expectations! I didn’t buy much other than food and beer, but I did manage to let go of a little cash for another book on costumes.

On to June. I finished Lindsey’s wedding dress and went to her bridal shower, where she wore a lovely little number that I drastically altered for her! (Sorry I can’t seem to find a picture) My birthday was this month, which was pretty laid back and then at the end of the month Boxcar Boutique had its 1st birthday, too!

So that’s what happened last spring, in a nutshell. Three months came and went like a breeze, yet it was packed with many adventures and stories that’ll be hard to forget! Thanks for reading, tune in again for what happened in the Summer.


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