Yea Yea… I know… It’s been a while. Like over a month. I know, I’M SORRY! And I KNOW I keep saying it, but keeping up with a blog is difficult for me! Especially since I’ve been focusing most of my time and effort to my IndieGoGo campaign (which honestly didn’t get very far…)


I obviously need to come out with a video next time around… ANYWAY, I was trying my best to get donations but if you read one of my other posts about Facebook, then you can understand why I was having a hard time. I ultimately caved in and spent $15 to boost my IndieGoGo-link post and got about 10 more Likes on my page but no additional donations (I am still grateful for more Likes though, don’t get me wrong!)

Another thing I’ve been spending a lot of my time on is my Etsy page!


I only have 4 items (only 2 of them are actually my creation) but it’s certainly a start! Two of the items are custom handmade vintage pieces given to me as a donation from my boyfriend’s great-grandmother! How sweet, right?! So that’s my Etsy page, check it out!

There have been a multitude of other things that have sort of taken over my mind and time in the last month, most things I couldn’t control (which I’ll get into in another post) so it’s kept me from Really getting down to business! But now I’m back, and will hopefully keep up with this S**t!

Thanks for hanging in there! 😀

*Fun Fact: Today is my Dad’s birthday! 🙂 Happy Birthday Daddy, Thank you for all of your support!*