Round 2
Monica Hankins
Saturday, September 26, 2015

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  1. Edwardian Headpiece
    12 Jan, 2017
    A New Venture for Boxcar
    So, if anyone has been following the Facebook or Instagram posts, then you'll know I've meddled a bit in jewelry making this past year! It all started with a lovely headpiece, inspiration drawn from the gorgeous pieces worn by high society ladies or brides in the early 20th Century. But I played around with a more modern placement and well, the result was simply stunning. I honestly impressed myself, and that's hard to do!  That was my inspiration. This was the end result... Man, you know,
  2. Dino in the Desert
    07 Jan, 2017
    New Year, New Blog.
    It's Officially one week into 2017 and almost a full year since the last time I wrote a blog... It's been a crazy, hectic, busy, Hell of a year, 2016. Lots of great new things have happened and definitely Lots of changes. The only things is... Where do I begin? I suppose I'll just keep things simple and chronological, ya? I mean, why not? Ok then, it's settled! I will start with where I left off: February 2016! Give me a second while I sift through my photos in my phone... Ah! Here we go! I
  3. Harley Quinn Corset
    27 Jan, 2016
    Harley Quinn Corset
    Hola! Ok so in the previous post I mentioned I would dedicate a post to the Harley Quinn costume I made for a New Year's Eve party and now your dreams have come true! (haha I know, JK) I'll start out with how this whole project/opportunity came to be... I work at an Optometry office in Rowland heights where the Doctor, my boss, has a strong connection to sports celebrities (he's a pretty big sports enthusiast!) Well Eric Dickerson, former football player and one of his patients, has a themed